Undated - My Infinite Agenda - Black with Silver (180 Days) - 5" x 8.25", $29


ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Thank you for your support! We have loved bringing our products to this community so much. We go out of business on 9/30.

My Infinite Agenda is an elegant and dynamic vision-board planner designed with your busy lifestyle in mind.  We believe that what you focus on – you attract – which is why we know that your goals and dreams are merely a pen-stroke away.

My Infinite Agenda will clearly guide you through section prompts to start turning your dreams and goals into realities. Using the expansive, functional writing spaces, you will organize your daily schedule – while simultaneously chronicling your highest ambitions. At the end of each month, My Infinite Agenda will inspire you to record your infinite winnings – so you can capture your goals and dreams that have come to fruition.

Are you ready to recognize all your greatness? My Infinite Agenda invites you to explore the world of infinite possibilities; imagine the life you want & build it!

This agenda will encourage you to....

  • Foster thoughts of gratitude in order to attract more of what enriches you.
  • Clearly organize and articulate your short-term, long-term and wildest dreams ,so that they will grow, flourish and reach fruition.
  • Ask for anything you dare to dream.
  • Expand your mind to greater possibilities.
  • Celebrate the changes that take root in your life.
  • Train your mind to be a fortress of positive thought, unshakable on your journey to self-actualization.
  • To live bravely and grow closer to realizing the highest, truest expression of yourself.
  • To ask, believe and receive and trust that what is meant for you, will not pass by you.


•  6-Month Undated Daily Planner/Journal
•  2 Sticker Pages
•  2019-2022 Calendar Overview (Sunday start) 
•  Daily Layout Pages
•  Section Trackers for Gratitude, Short-Term Goals, Long-Term Goals, and Wildest Dreams 
•  Vision Board Pages 
•  Daily Schedule Space
•  Daily Goal Setting Lined-Prompts 
•  Daily Gratitude Lined-Prompts 
•  Inspirational Quotes Throughout 
•  Monthly Infinite Winnings Pages to Track Successes 
•  Extra Grid-Line Note Pages at Start & End of Each Month

•  Reflection & Review Prompts at end of Agenda
•  Suggested Reading for Daily Inspiration 

MATERIALS & PACKAGING • 120 GSM Paper • White & Teal Colored Interior Pages • 282 Pages • Durable Cover with Rounded Edges • Inner Pocket on Back Cover • Hardcover with Gold, Silver or Rose Gold Foil Embellishments • Matching Elastic Band Closure • Enclosed in Poly bag for Safe Shipping/Gifting • Marketing Sticker with Charity Donation Details • Agenda Weighs Approximately 1.3lbs 


With every purchase of a black agenda you are helping to make clean and safe drinking water a global reality. My Infinite Agenda is proud to be a Charity: Water supporter.

 Clean water means education, income, and health-- yet 1 in 10 people still lack access to it—that’s 663 million people worldwide.

  • At Charity: Water 100% goes to the field; private donors cover operating costs so 100% of your donation will bring clean water to people in.
  • As of February 2017, Charity: Water has funded 22,936 projects, and created relationships with 24 local partners in 25 countries, bringing clean water to over 7 million people.
  • All projects are proven and monitored with GPS coordinates and remote sensors to ensure water is always flowing.
  • Sustainable solutions are part of the plan through the formation of strong water committees, collaborating with local government, and training mechanics to perform

Clean water changes everything.

Instagram: @charitywater

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