Charity: Water

With every purchase of a black agenda you are helping to make clean and safe drinking water a global reality. My Infinite Agenda is proud to be a Charity: Water supporter.


Clean water means education, income, and health-- yet 1 in 10 people still lack access to it—that’s 663 million people worldwide.

  • At Charity: Water 100% goes to the field; private donors cover operating costs so 100% of your donation will bring clean water to people in
  • As of February 2017, Charity: Water has funded 22,936 projects, and created relationships with 24 local partners in 25 countries, bringing clean water to over 7 million people.
  • All projects are proven and monitored with GPS coordinates and remote sensors to ensure water is always flowing.
  • Sustainable solutions are part of the plan through the formation of strong water committees, collaborating with local government, and training mechanics to perform

Clean water changes everything.

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