About Us

Meet Raquel & Katie!

My Infinite Agenda was born after a decade of friendship, with the purpose of making a difference in people’s lives…

Ten years ago we followed our hearts to New York City to pursue graduate education and careers in opera. Little did we know that fate would lead us to meet, become best friends, and realize our highest ambitions. When we started out some of our goals seemed very attainable, some were a bit of a stretch, and then others were just plain crazy. But if you can ask the universe for anything – then why not dream big?

We both had the mindset that anything was possible. But our secret weapon began with Raquel’s unfailing belief that what you write down and focus on, you pull closer to you. Katie was totally converted to a believer when she would go into Raquel’s dorm room and find notes all over channeling her hopes and desires. When Raquel wished for something, she would write it down...EVERYWHERE. But the crazy part was it usually came true. Soon we were both creating annual vision boards and journaling all our short-term goals, long-term goals, and wildest dreams into fruition…

Fast-forward 10 years, we were both in the midst of performing careers, and feeling a call to have a greater impact on the world. Over a balmy NYC summer evening, the idea for My Infinite Agenda, our ‘product with a purpose’ was born. We set out to create a tangible offering—something that would emanate goodwill infinitely outward, and ultimately resonate long after any note we had sung had evaporated in to the air. It became clear our mission was to spread positivity, and to give people hope where it may have gotten lost.

As artists, we have come to know the strong power of positive thinking, and finally we want to share this knowledge with the world. So we married the most effective parts of our personal agendas to our vision boards to help you channel the positive, focus on your goals, and realize all your dreams. The best part is your positive action ripples outward for a portion of the proceeds of each agenda purchased go to charities making a difference both locally and worldwide. With My Infinite Agenda, when you seek to champion your own life, you are also lifting up others, thus creating an infinite ripple effect of positivity.

We believe that what you ask for, focus on, and work toward, you will receive. So here’s our challenge for you today: If you could ask the universe for anything, small or big, what would it be? What if you had nothing to lose? There are infinite possibilities out there waiting to be invested in, explored, and realized.

We are thrilled to start this journey with you! The first step is to imagine the life you want... and then build it. Start writing your destiny today!


Raquel & Katie